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Let the teacher and taught travel togather On the path of success from darkness to light

Smt. L & C Mehta Arts College
Smt. L & C Mehta Arts College
Smt. L & C Mehta Arts College
Smt. L & C Mehta Arts College
Smt. L & C Mehta Arts College
Workshop on English Language Learning through Mobile Apps
Workshop on English Language Learning through Mobile Apps


The Library of the college, a seat where many a learned scholars are made, enables the students to have contact with their subjects and understanding global scenario. The college provides the right kind of atmosphere by providing the following facilities :
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, journals & periodicals along with necessary reference material
  • Easy access to internet and computers for staff and students
  • Book-bank facilities for needy students
  • Linkage with British Library & Ahmedabad Management Association Libraries through  individual membership for Audio-Visual facilities
  • CDs and Reference Material on regular basis with the help of AMA and British library.
  • Separate facilities for Star batch
  • Research Corner
  • Reading facilities for students & Reading room for girls.
Other Facilities:
Ladies Room Internet facilities
Audio-Visual Room NSS Room
Grievences Redressal cell Students Counselling Centre
Collegiate Women’s Development Room Health Centre
College Gymnasium 16120 Reference Books
Auditorium Hall  

Message From the Principal

Principal: Dr. S. M. Vakil

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”


To kindle the flame of Thought, to light the fire of Learning and to rouse the blaze of Knowledge has been the mission of Smt. Laxmiben and Shri Chimanlal Mehta Arts College for the last sixty years. As one of the pioneering Arts colleges of Gujarat Law Society, this institution has withstood the tests of time and circumstances. Its present is filled with hope, dreams and immense possibilities. And, like our country, India, this college too is strong, resilient, potent and substantial.