Name Dr. Damakle Ashok N.
Designation Adhyapak Sahayyak
Academic Qualifications B.A.(1993) Second Class / M.A. (1995) First Class / M.Phil (2009) Distinction / Ph.D (2014)
Email ashok.damakle@gujgov.edu.in
Teaching Experience 25 Years
Specialization industrial psychology
Area of research / Interest a comparativestudy of adjustment level of school going children of parents having single child and more than one child A study ofstress among women manager of banking profession
Publications Deliberative Research Volume-46, Issue- April-June 2020, ISSN;0976-1136
Article Title A Study Of Among Women Manager of Banking Profession
Publication Relevant Derive, Volume-29, Issue- April-June 2020, ISSN 2322-018X
Memberships Member of IAAP
Positions Member of BOS
Article Title A Comparative Study of Adjustment Level of School Going Children of Parents Having Single Child and More Than One Child.
Lectures Delivered Rakshashakti University 2017 to 2020 Lectures Held on How to Manage Stress in First Year Students